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We can custom-create a Photomosaic® for nearly any application you can imagine. In serving more than 100 of the Fortune 500 companies, we have made Photomosaics as small as postcards and as large as three-story murals. In conjunction with top video production houses, we have made Photomosaics with animated tiles for music videos and national television commercials. We have creative solutions to make your idea happen. Please feel free to contact our sales representative to discuss custom Photomosaics:

Runaway Technology, Inc.
(617) 877-9642
[email protected]

Tile Images
We can use images provided by the client, images from our collection, or a combination of both. Our extensive database containing more than 500,000 images includes hundreds of general themes--nature, travel, families. Our collection also includes images specifically tailored for business needs with themes like young professionals, medicine, and technology. We create custom image collections to the client's specifications. We accept images from clients via FTP, google drive, DropBox, USB drive, DVDs, CDs, and more.

Clients may purchase all rights to a commissioned Photomosaic, pay a one-time usage fee, or pay a royalty. Clients with a limited budget may use images from our stock Photomosaic collection at a reduced rate.