Robert Silvers
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Runaway Technology, Inc. announced on November 28, 2000 the grant of US Patent 6,137,498, entitled 'Digital composition of a mosaic image.' Widely known as "Photomosaics®," the innovations claimed in the patent are the creation of Runaway Technology President and CEO Robert Silvers. A Photomosaic combines the art of photography with the science of image computing to produce original works of art. A Photomosaic works by arranging thousands of tiny photographs that when viewed from a distance, combine to form a single larger image. Photomosaics have been featured on the covers of Sports Illustrated, Newsweek, Life and Playboy, touted on "Oprah," CNN and "Dateline," and have been fashioned into movie posters, puzzles and games.

"By being granted this patent in the United States and other countries, we can protect our proprietary innovations and continue to make unique artwork," Silvers said. "We intend to protect our rights vigilantly and will license rights to select companies."

US Patent 6,137,498
Europe Patent 97204149.5
Japan Patent 3,029,413
Canada Patent 2,226,059
Australia Patent 723,815

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