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"Arresting and irresistible . . . 'Fantastic' has turned out to be a fairly common reaction to Silvers' creations."

"If Leonardo da Vinci had lived in the computer age, he might have created Photomosaics. Instead, it was left to Robert Silvers to discover a digital way to combine art and science."
--USA Today

"The first reaction to [Photomosaics] . . . is usually 'Wow! How did he do that?'"
--The New York Times

"The concept is simple, the work beautiful and the programming genius"
--Photo Insider

"Although Photomosaic is conceptually straightforward, and can be replicated . . . the system Silvers has developed is quite sophisticated . . . He remains an artist at heart."
--Popular Photography

"Sometimes people are criticized for not seeing the forest for the trees, but in Silvers' Photomosaics, the trees are often as fascinating as the forest."
--Chicago Herald

CBS News March 11, 1998
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Oprah Winfrey Show
"Millionaire Minute," April 1998
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