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Robert Silvers invented the Photomosaic® when he was still a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His career exploded when he was commissioned to create the 60th Anniversary cover of LIFE Magazine. He then found himself on national television and featured on shows such as Dateline NBC and Opera. Since then, he has sold over 600,000 posters, three million jigsaw puzzles, and over 200,000 copies of his books.

His Fine Art prints are owned by Opera Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Bill Gates, Ferrari, and the King of Jordan, among others.

His clients include Audi, Coca Cola, CNN, Disney, HP, IBM, Library of Congress, Lucasfilm, Mastercard, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, Newsweek, Paramount Pictures, Playboy, Boeing, General Motors, McDonalds, Pfizer, Toyota, and over 1000 others. His advertising has made over 4 billion impressions.

In 2016, his digital art entitled Information Landscapes was accepted by the NY MOMA. Robert resides out outside of Boston, MA.

BORN: 1968

EDUCATION: MIT Media Lab, Boston Massachussetts


2019   Tangent Comtemporary Art
2016   New York Museum of Modern Art - permanent collection "Information Landscapes"
2007   Scott Richards Contemporary Art
2005   Scott Richards Contemporary Art – Art Santa Fe/ Art Toronto
2004   Russeck Gallery, Palm Beach, Florida
2003   Maruani & Noirhomme Gallery, Knokke, Belgium
             Russeck Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2002   Art Palm Beach, Fabien Fryns
             FIAC, Paris, Galerie Punto
             TIAF, Toronto, Fabien Fryns
             Art Chicago, Galerie Punto
             ARCO, Madrid
             Art Miami, Fabien Fryns
2001   National Portrait Gallery, London
             TIAF, Toronto, Fabien Fryns
2000   ART BASAL, Studio Trisorio
             MIART, Milan, Fabien Fryns
             Velge and Noirhomme Gallery, Brussels
             Photography Triennale, Milan
1999   ARTISSIMA, Turin, Fabien Fryns
1998   European Academy, London


             Agfa Europe
             AXA Courtage
             Coca Cola
             DGZ DekaBank
             Fortune Magazine
             GEO Magazine
             Hewlett Packard
             Library of Congress
             Lucasfilm Ltd.
             Mastercard International
             National Geographic
             Newsweek Magazine
             Maeght Foundation
             Paramount Pictures
             Playboy Enterprises


The National Gallery in London selected Silvers’ portrait of Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates for
their “Painting the Century” exhibit, highlighting influential art of the 21st century.

Mastercard’s Photomosaic was awarded First Price for print advertising at the CIMA Awards
LIFE Magazine’s Photomosaic cover won a Merit Award from The Art Director’s Club.

Premiere Magazine selected The Truman Show Photomosaic poster as one of the top 50
movie posters of all time.

Photomosaic Jigsaw Puzzles were awarded Puzzle of the Year honors by the Australian
Games Association.

A Photomosaic calendar won Japan’s Minister of Education Prize.

Commissioned portraits of Senator Barry Goldwater, Vice President Al Gore, and H. M. King
Hussein of Jordan.

Nineteen countries have commissioned Robert Silvers to make collectible stamps.


2006    Robert Silvers –  Photomosaics, Scott Richards Contemporary Art; San Francisco, CA
2000    Photomosaic Portraits, Robert Silvers
1997    Photomosaics, Robert Silvers, edited by Michael Hawley    


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