Robert Silvers
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Coca-Cola PROCOR Latin Building Project

Monterrey, Mexico
August 2001

PROCOR has an annual advertising campaign in which they cover the entire side of the Edificio Latino or the Latin Building with an canvas building wrap. The Latin Building is located in the Macroplaza, the main square of the city.

For the year 2000 ad campaign they wanted an image that was unique and attractive that would capture the viewers attention. They also wanted to honor and represent the people of Monterrey. After looking into different ways of executing this concept they contacted Runaway Technology, Inc. to commission a Photomosaic. The final Photomosaic? of a Coca-Cola bottle is made up of 5,400 unique images representing people and scenes from Monterrey, as well as Coca-Cola advertising images. With each individual image measuring 50 by 50 cm the final size of the Photomosaic? is 18 x 75 meters. This represents the largest Photomosaic ever created by Runaway Technology, Inc.

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